Downsizing. Decisions, Data & Dollars

January 29, 2023

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West Vancouver Sea Walk

Thinking about downsizing? The signs you’re ready to make the leap are varied, here are some of the top ones.

Yardwork – You used to love being out in the garden all day, raking the leaves and weeding. It gave you such pride. Now it’s all just a big chore in the back of your mind all the time.

Maintaining the house – Your husband used to fix things on the weekend, now he’s off biking or or playing golf. And now you have find someone to do it and pay them!

Wanting freedom from worries – You’re down in the desert in the winter and hear just hit below 0 in Vancouver. Yikes, are the pipes going to freeze? Did I shut the water off? Or you’re in Hawaii in spring to escape the rain in Vancouver and you hear we had a windstorm and hail. What about the roof and those trees around the house you didn’t trim?

A change in the Community – Maybe your neighbourhood has changed, other families have moved as their children have grown up. There isn’t the same sense of community that there was when you moved in all those years ago.

The Wave – Or perhaps it’s just an overall sense of needing a change! Life is a series of waves and you know when you feel one. The question is your other half feeling the wave at the same?

Ladies first – With exceptions of course, I find that the ladies seem to hit that wall first. Often they are the ones at home doing more of the tidying and daily chores!. Waiting for the repairman between 10 & 2! A quieter house with out the kids buzzing around anymore can be a lonely place!

Men folk – For many men, his home is his castle, but he’s not draining the moat and oiling the drawbridge anymore, so “discussions” can arise between a couple!

So, what’s holding you back?


Maybe it’s the fear of preparing for the big move, all that stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. A good organizer can help you make that big move and navigate the process simply. 


The market?  With great marketing and careful pricing you can have a successful sale and realize the equity in your home to help finance this exciting next phase of your life. The relationship you have with your Realtor will be an important element. Finding someone that both you and your partner trust, like and feel comfortable with will make the process less stressful for you as a couple.


As you have read, all of the emotional and practical issues that arise have have solutions. You just need to ask the right questions of yourself and partner and choose the right people to help get you on the road to this next exciting phase of your life.

Keeping a focus on and respecting what each of you love about your current home, can help you choose your right next home.

Most people find that the pain of the move fades quickly and is replaced by feelings of liberation and freedom. Living in a great location with less stuff to worry about can be super invigorating and can spark new beginnings in many other facets of life!

Contact Julia Stauffer to get started on your next journey.