Thinking about referring your friend who’s a REALTOR® to someone? What you should know.

June 20, 2019

Friend to friend

What should you know and understand?

It can feel like a bit awkward right? You want to help your friend get more business but you also don’t want to be pushy. You want the best for your other friend but what if it doesn’t go well?

So many things might run through your mind when this situation comes up. Here’s something important you need to know.

You shouldn’t feel any pressure to “get” a listing or a “get” a buyer for your friend.

All need to do is mention that you know a great person who is a REALTOR® and that you’d love to connect them. It’s as simple as that, nothing more. If your friend gets that great opportunity you’ve helped to provide, the rest is up to them.

If they are a good friend, whether it works out or not they will truly appreciate it every time you let someone know you think they’re great! So just do it, and you can feel great in knowing that every time you do, it’s like you just held a door open for your friend!

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