Small spaces. Living intentionally with less stuff, can make your real estate dreams come true

June 13, 2019

Julia Stauffer's Real Estate Blog

There’s great opportunity in being organized.

There has been amazing rise in the number of people following the tidying and organizing philosophies of gurus like Marie Kondo. Keep what you love and banish the rest to the donation bin. This same edict if followed well, can allow you to live in a space far smaller than you would have thought before.

A small well organized space, with thoughtful storage, can be your ticket to getting into a neighbourhood you thought was way out of your reach. Learning to live in and love less square footage can allow you to gain in other areas, like location, lifestyle and recreation. Sounds good right?

Now is a great time to buy in a home in Vancouver. Try to keep the less is more philosophy in mind when you are browsing those listings. You may be able to find a beautiful, albeit smaller home that totally works for you, in that perfect location you never thought possible before!