Reverse Mortgages – a tool to build wealth for the future?

February 27, 2020

Jam Mortgages - Home Equity Bank

We were fortunate to have a presentation from Clint Grayson of HomeEquity Bank at our North Vancouver office yesterday. He showed us just a few examples of how people have accessed equity in their homes to build revenue for them in the future, with no payments required on these tax free funds! So interesting.

With even conservative gains in the real estate market over the next 15 years, there is great opportunity with the products to improve life now and in the future, very simply.

If you own a home and are over 55 you are approved. The amount you can access depends on your age and other factors. Get more info here. If you’d like to chat with a Mortgage Broker certified to provide this service contact me, I can connect you. 604.837.5048

Thanks to Jam Mortgages for making it possible!