Real Estate Agent Reviews – It’s not about the Agent!

July 11, 2019

Google reviews Julia Stauffer

Newsflash! It’s about you.

When you decide that you want to buy or sell a home, chances are you’re going to Google Real Estate Agents in your area. Even if you know someone or have had someone referred by a friend, you’ll probably still have a look. It’s only natural to want to know the players in the market.

Unlike their advertising, a review on Google, LinkedIn or Facebook is a window. A window into how you can expect to feel during and after your real estate transaction.

Are prompt replies and answers to your questions important to you? Do you want to feel that your agent is a partner in your success? Do you want to feel valued and respected at all times, regardless of your decisions?

Reviews are a tool that allow you to gain insight into the professionalism and character of an agent. Perspective from previous clients and other professionals is important. So use this opportunity to help you decide which agents you’d like to speak with and go from there. A face to face chat will let know know if that review aligns with the person you meet.

You and your home is what matters, make sure the agent you choose makes you feel that way.

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