Multiple Offers in Vancouver? In This Real Estate Market? Yes!

September 15, 2019


Buy now - Real Estate Vancouve

Yes it’s true, homes and condos have been selling under the offered price over the last few years but guess what! Lately we’ve seen homes selling over the list price! Why

Well, agents have been noticing a trend. “Would be” buyers come through an Open House seem to like the property. They come back with their agent for a private showing, still seem interested. Then they ask for documents about the home but don’t write an offer. Fast forward a week, someone else comes in, loves the home and writes an offer. We let the previous buyers agent know we have an offer and bingo, they write an offer. Yes, that’s multiple offers folks! Buyers who have been waiting on the sidelines for the price of their dream home to keep dropping should beware, “Times they are a changin” as Bob Dylan said!

Don’t wait to make that offer. If you do, you may lose out on a home you love or wind up paying more for it, than if you’d had the only offer on the table.

Vancouver is a fantastic place to live, it’s doubtful anything will ever change that fact. Buy now, hold and you’ll never regret it or look back.

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