Buyers Market, Bubble, Crash, Sky High Prices… Are you Afraid to Move Forward?

January 14, 2019

Making decisions

Do you really want find a new home or need to move? If you do, what matters is your life, lifestyle and family harmony.

Remember the dizzying days of multiple offers all but a year or so ago? If you found the home you loved you were willing to go to the mat to get it! Stretching budgets, perhaps waiving a home inspection, all to ensure you won out over the other bidders but the thrill of competition got old fast if you lost out a few times, right?

So here we are today in a Buyers Market in many areas, prices have dropped and that frenetic pace of sales has slowed. Now you have the time to really research and think about your purchase, probably negotiate and include all the subjects you need to allow you to be truly comfortable about your buying decision. So, what’s holding you back?

Perhaps you think prices will drop more? How will you know when they’ve hit bottom? When prices begin to rise again and other buyers jump back in? In most cases, the offer you’ll make today on a similar property to one you saw two years ago, will be less than you would have offered then and you may not have any competition at all.

At the end of the day, when you are happily living in that home you loved the minute you walked in the door, five or ten thousand dollars on that purchase price will be long forgotten. Being out of perpetual real estate buyer limbo and getting on with your life and other plans will be liberating.

Lead the pack, take action toward your goal today. Contact me let’s talk.